TANGEDCO Gangman Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2019

TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman (Trainee) Exam Syllabus 2019 2020 | TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman (Trainee) Syllabus and Exam Pattern are given on this page. So, candidates who are searching for the TNEB TANGEDCO Syllabus 2019 they can collect full PDF on this page. TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman (Trainee) Syllabus plays a prominent role in any exam preparation. Without having TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman (Trainee) syllabus and Exam pattern nobody can know which subjects to prepare for the examination. You can check all details of Madras High Court Syllabus here. Are you looking for the free download? Then go through this section.


TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman (Trainee) Selection Process:

The Selection Procedure of the Exam will be as follows:

  1. Written Exam
  2. Interview


TNEB Gangman (Trainee) Exam Details:

(i) All eligible candidates including the candidates sponsored by the Employment Exchange and open market are eligible to apply through ON LINE to appear in the Physical Test.

(ii) The candidate must qualify the Physical test (like Pole climbing, fixing of Cross Arm, etc.,).

(iii) After physical test, the candidates who passed the Physical test alone will be permitted to appear in the Competitive Written Examination and the candidates who do not pass the Physical test will not be permitted to appear in the Competitive Written Examination and further selection process. The competitive written examination shall be of objective type questions.

(iv) The tentative list of eligible candidates (i.e., from the list of candidates who passed the physical test and who have appeared for the competitive written exam) will be called in the ratio of 1:1 for certificate verification as per the marks obtained by the candidates in the Written Examination and as per Communal roster.

(v) After verification of the original certificate, the eligible candidates will be selected as per eligibility, merit of the marks in Competitive Written Examination and rule of reservation (respective turn in the Communal roster).

(vi) Provided that, when a candidate earmarked in the tentative communal roster against the vacancy reserved for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Most Backward Classes/ Denotified Communities, Backward Classes, Backward Class Muslims or General Turn or in the case of priority or preferential Quota, found to be ineligible or if absent, during Certificate Verification, such turn shall be filled from the respective category and in accordance to the merit of marks.

(vii) Provided also that, the candidates must have full eligibility and such candidates appointed shall be placed below all the candidates earmarked in the tentative communal roster.

(viii) Provided also that, even thereafter if the vacancy remains unfilled due to non-availability of candidates, the process stated under (vi) and (vii) above may be repeated until the vacancy is filled or until there is no availability of required eligible candidates or as decided by the Competent Authority at that point of time.

(ix) Applying for the post through online and attending the physical test and writing written examination alone is not a guarantee for appointment or selection to the post.


Exam Pattern for TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman (Trainee) Posts:

The Exam pattern of TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman (Trainee) Exam has clearly mentioned on

Sl. No. Name of the Post Duration of the Examination Syllabi
Gangman (Trainee) 2 Hours The Question paper will have two parts. Part I and Part II. The competitive written examination shall be of objective type questions.

Questions and evaluation scheme:

Sl. No Type No. of Questions No: of alternative answers Max mark for correct answer Max marks Remarks
Part I 40 4 1 40 Multiple shading will be considered as wrong answer.
Part II 60 4 1 60



Marks will not be deducted for the questions left unanswered.

To use blue or black ink Ball Point Pen only.

Answer sheet will be invalidated if shaded in Pencil.

The answer sheet will be invalidated if the box for Booklet Series is not shaded and could not be identified even by physical verification of the answer sheet


TNEB TANGEDCO Gangman (Trainee) Syllabus:


ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS (Common to all Candidates)

i) Determinants and Matrices: Solving system of equations – Rank of the Matrix – Eigenvalues and eigenvectors – Reduction of quadratic form to canonical form.

ii) Calculus and Differential Equations: Partial derivatives – Jacobians – Taylor’s expansion – Maxima and Minima. Linear ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients – Simultaneous first order linear equations with constant coefficients. Formation of partial differential equation (PDE) – Solution of first order PDE – Solution of linear higher order PDE with constant coefficients.

iii) Vector Calculus: Double and triple integrations and their applications – Gradient, Divergence, Curl and Laplacian – Green’s, Gauss divergence and Stroke’s theorem.

iv) Functions of Complex Variables and Complex Integration : Analytic functions – Conformal Mapping – Bilinear transformation – Cauchy’s integral theorem and integral formula – Taylor and Laurent Series – Singularities – Residues – Residue theorem and its applications.

v) Transforms: Laplace Transform – Inverse transforms – Application to solution of linear ordinary differential equations with constant coefficients. Fourier integral theorem – Fourier transform pair – Sine and Cosine transforms. -transform – Inverse Z– transform – Solution of difference equations using Z– transform.

vi) Numerical Methods: Solution of linear system by direct and iterative methods – Interpolation and approximation – Numerical Differentiation and Integration – Solving Ordinary Differential Equations.

vii) Applied Probability: Probability and Random variables – Standard Discrete and Continuous distribution – Moments – Moment generating function and their properties. Two-Dimensional Random Variables – Covariance – Correlation and Regression.


BASIC ENGINEERING & SCIENCES (Common to all Candidates)

i) Applied Mechanics : Law of Mechanics – Lame’s theorem – Forces, Moments and Couples – Displacement, velocity and Acceleration – Friction – Moment of Inertia.

ii) Mechanical Engineering : Laws of thermodynamics – Open and closed systems – Equation of state – Heat and Work.

iii) Physics : Sound – Latices – Ultrasonic flaw detector – X-ray radiography – Interference Fringes – Planck’s quantum theory – Laser and Fibre Optics.

iv) Material Science : Fracture – Magnetic and Dielectric materials – Conductor and Semi conductor materials – Ceramic and Super conductor materials.

v) Civil Engineering : Fluid Statics and Dynamics – Boundary Layer – Pumps and Turbines – Environmental Pollution. vi) Electrical Engineering : Ohm’s law – Kirchoff’s law – A.C. circuits – D.C. machines – Transformers – Synchronous machines – Instrumentation.

vii) Computers : Computer organisation – Architecture – Arrays – Pointers – User defined function – C program.

viii) Chemistry : Adsorption – Chromatography – Chemical kinetics – Electrochemistry – Spectroscopy – Fuels and Combustion.



The centre for physical test and examination will be notified later in the tangedco website.

Note: The TANGEDCO reserves the right to increase/decrease the number of examination centres and to re-allot the candidates


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